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Carrier roller TYP D4 CP04.30.00

SUITABLE FOR: 1204LC 1302ELC 1304 1304HD 1304HDS 1304LC 1404HD 1404HDS 1404LC 1404LCS 1602DLC 1602ELC 1602LC 1604 1604HD 1° TYPE 1604LC 2° TYPE 1604LCS 1622D 1622DLC 1702DLC 1702LC 1704 1° TYPE 1704LC 1° TYPE 1080 1080B 7700 8000 8800 213BHD 215 57Y -2031-UP 215 95Z -1-UP 215B 2XC -1-UP 215CLC 4HG-1-UP 215D 4HG -1-UP 215D 9TF -1-UP 215DLC 9TF -1-UP 225 76U -1-1648 225LC 51U -1-2831 225LC 76U -1-1648 933F 42A-1448-3292 933G 42A-3293-4106 933G 42A-4107-UP 939 9GL-1-UP 939C 6DS-1-UP 941 16U-1-UP 941 70H-1-UP 941 75H-1-UP 941 80H-1-1549 941B 80H-5966-6070 941B 80H-6071-6305 941B 80H-6306-UP 943 31Y-1-UP 943 3Y-1-1593 943 3Y-1594-UP 943 LGP 4Z-1-UP 955C 12A-1-6134 D4 29A-1-949 D4 29A-950-UP D4 30A-1-UP D4 6U-12713-UP D4 7U-43898-UP D4C 39A-1-851 D4C 39A-852-UP D4C 40A-1-5253 D4C 40A-5254-UP D4C 54A-1-UP D4C 55A-1-UP D4C 69A-1-UP D4D 22C-1-UP D4D 47H-1-790 D4D 49J-1-473 D4D 59J-1-644 D4D 59J-2081-UP D4D 59J-645-2080 D4D 60J-1-1732 D4D 60J-1733-4602 D4D 60J-4603-5182 D4D 69K-1-386 D4D 69K-387-UP D4D 78A-1-1620 D4D 78A-1621-UP D4D 82J-1-1949 D4D 82J-1950-3877 D4D 83J-1-868 D4D 83J-3422-3658 D4D 83J-3659-UP D4D 83J-869-3421 D4D 84J-1-893 D4D 85A-1-UP D4D 88A-1-460 D4D 88A-461-UP D4D 91A-1-UP D4D 97F-1-UP D4D LGP 18J-1-UP D4D LGP 61J-1-282 D4D LGP 65J-1885-UP D4D LGP 66J-2677-3506 D4D LGP 66J-3507-UP D4D LGP 7R-1-289 D4D LGP 7R-290-559 D4D LGP 7R-560-UP D4D SA 44H-1-1267 D4D SA 44H-1268-UP D4D SA 84J-1724-1849 D4D SA 84J-1850-UP D4D SA 84J-894-1723 D4E 28X-1-UP D4E 29X-708-UP D4E 2CB-1-UP D4E 31C-1-UP D4E 34C-1-UP D4E 50X-754-838 D4E 50X-839-UP D4E 69X-1-UP D4E 76W-1-1629 D4E 76W-1630-2475 D4E 76W-2476-UP D4E 77W-1-967 D4E 7PB-1-UP D4E LGP 52X-1163-1431 D4E LGP 52X-1432-UP D4E LGP 71X-1-UP D4E LGP 72X-1-UP D4E SA 70X-1-920 D4E SA 70X-921-UP D4H 2AC-552-5596 D4H 2AC-5597-UP D4H 8PB-1-2080 D4H 8PB-2081-6090 D4H 8PB-6091-UP D4H LGP 3AC-1-UP D4H LGP 9DB-1-UP D4H LGP 9GJ-1-1115 D4H LGP 9GJ-1116-UP D4H XL 8PJ-664-UP D5C 5HS-1-UP D5C 6CS-1-UP D5C 6PJ-1-UP D5C LGP 3MK-1-UP D5C LGP 6ZL-1-UP D5G LGP FDW-1-UP D5G LGP RKG-1-UP D5G XL FDH-1-UP D5G XL WGB-01-UP D5K LGP D5K XL D5M LGP 3CR-1-UP D5M LGP 3DR-1-UP D5M XL 4JS-1-UP D5M XL 5ES-1-UP D5M XL 6AS-1-UP D5M XL 6GN-1-UP D5N LGP AKD-1-UP D5N LGP CKT-1-UP D5N XL AGG-1-UP D5N XL CFH-1-UP D6 31A-1-UP 114R R130LC R130LC 3 R140LC-7 R140LC-7 HIGH WALKER R140LC-7A R140LC-9 R140LCD-7 R140LCD-7A R140LCM-7 R140LCM-7A 450J LGP MAX LIFE 550K LGP MAX LIFE 550K XLT MAX LIFE 650J 159987-UP 650J UP TO 159986 650J-LGP 159987-UP 650J-LGP UP TO 159986 650J-LT 159987-UP 650J-LT UP TO 159986 650J-XLT 159987-UP 650J-XLT LR611 LR611M PR711 PR711C PR711CM PR711M PR712 PR712 LITRONIC PR712BPR712BL PR712BM PR712L LITRONIC PR712M LITRONIC PR721 PR721BR310B R310LC 142-UPR312 101-UP R900 LITRONIC R900B 2000-UP R900LC 2° TYPER901C R902B R902LC 101-2600 R902LC 2601-UP R911B R911BLC R911CLC R912 R912 103-3000 R912LC 101-3000 R912LCEW LITRONIC R912LCS LITRONIC R912S LITRONIC R921B 2001-UP R921BLC 2001-UP R921C R921LC R922 101-3000 R922 3001-UP R922LC 101-3000 R922LC 3001-UP R925 1° TYPE 60CKB 60CL 60CS 70CKB 75 75C 75CE 75CKEB 75CL 90C 90CL 90CLB 90CL-B 90CM TCB 1° TYPE TCB 2° TYPE 210-UP MX132LC SE130LC 2 SE130LCM SE130LCS 513R 515R S1020RT-LC S212RLC S214RLC S216R S612R SR15SL SR20SL-LC SR20SL-LCB SR20T