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Hydraulic pressure sensor for HITACHI EX200 SER. 2/3/5 4436271

Manufacturer: HITACHI - FIAT
SKU: 4436271
Manufacturer part number: 4436271
Delivery date: 2-5 days
SUITABLE FOR: 225CL RTS JD 270C LC JD EG110R EG65R-3 EG70R EG70R-3 EH3500AC2 EH4000AC2 EH5000AC-3-C EX100-5 EX120-5 EX1200-5 EX1200-5C EX1200-5D EX1200-6 EX125WD-5 EX135UR EX135UR-5 EX135US-5 EX135USR EX140US-5 EX1900-6 EX200-5 JPN EX225USR(LC) EX2500-6 EX2600-6BH EX2600-6LD EX3600-6 EX3600E-6 EX5500-6 EX5500E-6 EX5600-6BH EX5600-6LD EX60-5(LC) EX75UR EX75UR-3 EX75UR-5 EX75US-5 EX8000 EX8000-6 FV30 HC1110 HR1200S-5 HR1200SG HR320G-5 HR750SM HR900S-5 HR900SM HU230-A IZX200 IZX200LC MA200 PZX450-HCME RX2300-3 RX3300-3 SR-G2000 SR-P1200 SR-P600 SR2000G TL1100-3 UCX300 VR308 VR308-2 VR408 VR408-2 VR512 VR512-2 VR516FS ZH200-A ZH200LC-A ZR130HC ZR240JC ZR260HC ZR420JC ZR600TS ZR800TS ZR900TS ZR950JC ZX110 ZX110-3 ZX110-3-AMS ZX110-3-HCME ZX110-E ZX110M ZX110M-3 ZX110M-3-HCME ZX120 ZX120-3 ZX120-E ZX120-HCMC ZX125US ZX125US-E ZX125W ZX130-3 ZX130-3-AMS ZX130-3-HCME ZX130-AMS ZX130-HCME ZX130H ZX130K ZX130K-3 ZX130LCN-3F-AMS ZX130LCN-3FHCME ZX130W ZX130W-AMS ZX135UR ZX135US ZX135US-3 ZX135US-3-HCME ZX135US-3F-AMS ZX135US-3F-HCME ZX135US-E ZX135US-HCME ZX135USK ZX135USK-3 ZX135UST ZX140W-3 ZX140W-3-AMS ZX140W-3DARUMA ZX145W-3 ZX145W-3-AMS ZX160 ZX160LC-3 ZX160LC-3-AMS ZX160LC-3-HCME ZX160LCT ZX160W ZX160W-AMS ZX170W-3 ZX170W-3-AMS ZX170W-3DARUMA ZX170W-3F-AMS ZX170W-3F-HCME ZX170WM-3 ZX1800K-3 ZX180LC ZX180LC-3 ZX180LC-3-AMS ZX180LC-3-HCME ZX180LC-AMS ZX180LC-HCME ZX180W ZX180W-AMS ZX185USR ZX190W-3 ZX190W-3-AMS ZX190W-3DARUMA ZX200 ZX200-3 ZX200-3-HCMC ZX200-3F ZX200-3G ZX200-E ZX200-HHE ZX200-X ZX200LC-HHE ZX210-3-AMS ZX210-3-HCME ZX210-AMS ZX210-HCME ZX210H ZX210H-3 ZX210H-3-HCMC ZX210H-3F ZX210H-3G ZX210K ZX210K-3 ZX210K-3-HCMC ZX210K-3F ZX210K-3G ZX210LC-3-HCMC ZX210LC-3G ZX210LCK-3-HCMC ZX210N-3-AMS ZX210N-3-HCME ZX210N-AMS ZX210N-HCME ZX210W ZX210W-3 ZX210W-3-AMS ZX210W-3-HCMC ZX210W-3DARUMA ZX210W-3HCMC ZX210W-AMS ZX220W-3 ZX225US ZX225US-3 ZX225US-3-HCME ZX225US-3F ZX225US-E ZX225US-HCME ZX225USR ZX225USR-3 ZX225USR-3-HCME ZX225USR-3F ZX225USR-E ZX225USR-HCME ZX225USRK ZX225USRK-3 ZX225USRK-3F ZX230 ZX230-HHE ZX240-3 ZX240-3-AMS ZX240-3-HCMC ZX240-3G ZX240-AMS ZX240-HCME ZX240H ZX240K ZX240LC-3G ZX240LC-HHE ZX240N-3-HCME ZX250-AMS ZX250-HCME ZX250H-3 ZX250H-3G ZX250K-3 ZX250K-3G ZX250LC-3-HCMC ZX250LC-3-HCME ZX250LC-3G ZX250W-3 ZX260LCH-3G ZX270 ZX270-3 ZX270-HHE ZX280LC-3 ZX280LC-3-HCME ZX280LC-AMS ZX280LC-HCME ZX280LCH-3 ZX300W ZX30U-2 ZX30U-3 ZX30U-3F ZX30U-5A ZX30UR ZX30UR-2 ZX30UR-3 ZX330 ZX330-3 ZX330-3-HCMC ZX330-3F ZX330-3G ZX330-5G ZX330-HHE ZX330LC-5G ZX33U-3 ZX33U-3F ZX350-3-AMS ZX350H ZX350H-3 ZX350H-3F ZX350H-3G ZX350H-5G ZX350K ZX350K-3 ZX350K-3F ZX350K-3G ZX350K-5G ZX350LC-3-HCME ZX350LC-3F-HCME ZX350LC-3FAMS ZX350LC-AMS ZX350LC-HCME ZX350LCH-5G ZX350LCK-5G ZX350LCN-3FAMS ZX350LCN-3FHCME ZX35B ZX35U-2 ZX35U-3 ZX35U-3F ZX35U-5A ZX360H-3G ZX360LC-HHE ZX360W-3 ZX370MTH ZX38U-3 ZX38U-3F ZX400LCH-3 ZX400W-3 ZX40U ZX40U-2 ZX40U-3 ZX40U-3U ZX40U-5A ZX40UR ZX40UR-2 ZX40UR-2D ZX40UR-3 ZX40UR-3D ZX450 ZX450-3 ZX450-3F ZX450H ZX450H-HHE ZX450LC-3-DH ZX450LC-3-M ZX460LCH-AMS ZX460LCH-HCME ZX470H-3 ZX470H-3-HCMC ZX470H-3F ZX470LC-5B ZX470LCH-5B ZX470R-3 ZX470R-3F ZX480MT ZX480MTH ZX48U-3 ZX48U-3F ZX48U-5A ZX500LC ZX500LC-3 ZX500LC-3F ZX500LCH ZX500W ZX50U ZX50U-2 ZX50U-3 ZX50U-3F ZX50U-5A ZX520LCH-3 ZX520LCH-3F ZX520LCR-3 ZX520LCR-3F ZX52U-3 ZX52U-3F ZX55UR ZX55UR-2 ZX55UR-2D ZX55UR-3 ZX55UR-3D ZX600 ZX650H ZX650LC-3 ZX670LCH-3 ZX670LCR-3 ZX70 ZX70-3 ZX70-3-HCME ZX70B ZX75UR ZX75UR-3 ZX75US ZX75US-3 ZX75US-A ZX75USK-3 ZX800 ZX80LCK ZX80LCK-3 ZX80SB-HCME ZX850-3 ZX850-3F ZX850H ZX85US-3 ZX85US-HCME ZX85USB-3 ZX85USB-3-HCME ZX85USBN-3-HCME ZX870H-3 ZX870H-3-HCMC ZX870H-3F ZX870R-3 ZX870R-3F 110 120 120C 120D 130G 135C 135D 135G 160C 160DLC 160LC 180 190DW 200CLC 200DLC 210 220DW 225CLC 225DLC 230CLC 230LC 230LCR 270DLC 270LC 290GLC 300GLC 330LCR 350DLC 350GLC 370C 380GLC 450CLC 450DLC 450LC 490E 550LC 600C 650DLC 750 790ELC 800C 850DLC 892 992ELC 2054 2154D 2454D 2554 2954D 3554 3754D 200LC 330LC
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Hydraulic presure sensor for HITACHI EX200 SER. 2/3/5 4436271 part fits equipment model


225CL RTS JD  270C LC JD  EG110R  EG65R-3  EG70R  EG70R-3  EH3500AC2  EH4000AC2  EH5000AC-3-C  EX100-5  EX120-5  EX1200-5  EX1200-5C  EX1200-5D  EX1200-6  EX125WD-5  EX135UR  EX135UR-5  EX135US-5  EX135USR  EX140US-5  EX1900-6  EX200-5 JPN  EX225USR(LC)  EX2500-6  EX2600-6BH  EX2600-6LD  EX3600-6  EX3600E-6  EX5500-6  EX5500E-6  EX5600-6BH  EX5600-6LD  EX60-5(LC)  EX75UR  EX75UR-3  EX75UR-5  EX75US-5  EX8000  EX8000-6  FV30  HC1110  HR1200S-5  HR1200SG  HR320G-5  HR750SM  HR900S-5  HR900SM  HU230-A  IZX200  IZX200LC  MA200  PZX450-HCME  RX2300-3  RX3300-3  SR-G2000  SR-P1200  SR-P600  SR2000G  TL1100-3  UCX300  VR308  VR308-2  VR408  VR408-2  VR512  VR512-2  VR516FS  ZH200-A  ZH200LC-A  ZR130HC  ZR240JC  ZR260HC  ZR420JC  ZR600TS  ZR800TS  ZR900TS  ZR950JC  ZX110  ZX110-3  ZX110-3-AMS  ZX110-3-HCME  ZX110-E  ZX110M  ZX110M-3  ZX110M-3-HCME  ZX120  ZX120-3  ZX120-E  ZX120-HCMC  ZX125US  ZX125US-E  ZX125W  ZX130-3  ZX130-3-AMS  ZX130-3-HCME  ZX130-AMS  ZX130-HCME  ZX130H  ZX130K  ZX130K-3  ZX130LCN-3F-AMS  ZX130LCN-3FHCME  ZX130W  ZX130W-AMS  ZX135UR  ZX135US ZX135US-3  ZX135US-3-HCME  ZX135US-3F-AMS  ZX135US-3F-HCME  ZX135US-E  ZX135US-HCME  ZX135USK  ZX135USK-3  ZX135UST  ZX140W-3  ZX140W-3-AMS  ZX140W-3DARUMA  ZX145W-3  ZX145W-3-AMS  ZX160  ZX160LC-3  ZX160LC-3-AMS  ZX160LC-3-HCME  ZX160LCT  ZX160W  ZX160W-AMS  ZX170W-3  ZX170W-3-AMS  ZX170W-3DARUMA  ZX170W-3F-AMS  ZX170W-3F-HCME  ZX170WM-3  ZX1800K-3  ZX180LC  ZX180LC-3  ZX180LC-3-AMS  ZX180LC-3-HCME  ZX180LC-AMS  ZX180LC-HCME  ZX180W  ZX180W-AMS  ZX185USR  ZX190W-3  ZX190W-3-AMS  ZX190W-3DARUMA  ZX200  ZX200-3  ZX200-3-HCMC  ZX200-3F  ZX200-3G  ZX200-E  ZX200-HHE  ZX200-X  ZX200LC-HHE  ZX210-3-AMS  ZX210-3-HCME  ZX210-AMS  ZX210-HCME  ZX210H  ZX210H-3  ZX210H-3-HCMC  ZX210H-3F  ZX210H-3G  ZX210K  ZX210K-3  ZX210K-3-HCMC  ZX210K-3F  ZX210K-3G  ZX210LC-3-HCMC  ZX210LC-3G  ZX210LCK-3-HCMC  ZX210N-3-AMS  ZX210N-3-HCME  ZX210N-AMS  ZX210N-HCME  ZX210W  ZX210W-3  ZX210W-3-AMS  ZX210W-3-HCMC  ZX210W-3DARUMA  ZX210W-3HCMC  ZX210W-AMS  ZX220W-3  ZX225US  ZX225US-3  ZX225US-3-HCME  ZX225US-3F  ZX225US-E  ZX225US-HCME  ZX225USR ZX225USR-3  ZX225USR-3-HCME  ZX225USR-3F  ZX225USR-E  ZX225USR-HCME  ZX225USRK  ZX225USRK-3  ZX225USRK-3F  ZX230  ZX230-HHE  ZX240-3  ZX240-3-AMS  ZX240-3-HCMC  ZX240-3G  ZX240-AMS  ZX240-HCME  ZX240H  ZX240K  ZX240LC-3G  ZX240LC-HHE  ZX240N-3-HCME  ZX250-AMS  ZX250-HCME  ZX250H-3  ZX250H-3G  ZX250K-3  ZX250K-3G  ZX250LC-3-HCMC  ZX250LC-3-HCME  ZX250LC-3G  ZX250W-3  ZX260LCH-3G  ZX270  ZX270-3  ZX270-HHE  ZX280LC-3  ZX280LC-3-HCME  ZX280LC-AMS  ZX280LC-HCME  ZX280LCH-3  ZX300W  ZX30U-2  ZX30U-3  ZX30U-3F  ZX30U-5A  ZX30UR  ZX30UR-2  ZX30UR-3  ZX330  ZX330-3  ZX330-3-HCMC  ZX330-3F  ZX330-3G  ZX330-5G  ZX330-HHE  ZX330LC-5G  ZX33U-3  ZX33U-3F  ZX350-3-AMS  ZX350H  ZX350H-3  ZX350H-3F  ZX350H-3G  ZX350H-5G  ZX350K  ZX350K-3  ZX350K-3F  ZX350K-3G  ZX350K-5G  ZX350LC-3-HCME  ZX350LC-3F-HCME  ZX350LC-3FAMS  ZX350LC-AMS ZX350LC-HCME  ZX350LCH-5G  ZX350LCK-5G  ZX350LCN-3FAMS  ZX350LCN-3FHCME  ZX35B  ZX35U-2  ZX35U-3  ZX35U-3F  ZX35U-5A  ZX360H-3G  ZX360LC-HHE  ZX360W-3  ZX370MTH  ZX38U-3  ZX38U-3F  ZX400LCH-3  ZX400W-3  ZX40U  ZX40U-2  ZX40U-3  ZX40U-3U  ZX40U-5A  ZX40UR  ZX40UR-2  ZX40UR-2D  ZX40UR-3  ZX40UR-3D  ZX450  ZX450-3  ZX450-3F  ZX450H  ZX450H-HHE  ZX450LC-3-DH  ZX450LC-3-M  ZX460LCH-AMS  ZX460LCH-HCME  ZX470H-3  ZX470H-3-HCMC  ZX470H-3F  ZX470LC-5B  ZX470LCH-5B  ZX470R-3  ZX470R-3F  ZX480MT  ZX480MTH  ZX48U-3  ZX48U-3F  ZX48U-5A  ZX500LC  ZX500LC-3  ZX500LC-3F  ZX500LCH  ZX500W  ZX50U  ZX50U-2  ZX50U-3  ZX50U-3F  ZX50U-5A  ZX520LCH-3  ZX520LCH-3F  ZX520LCR-3  ZX520LCR-3F  ZX52U-3  ZX52U-3F  ZX55UR  ZX55UR-2  ZX55UR-2D  ZX55UR-3  ZX55UR-3D  ZX600  ZX650H  ZX650LC-3  ZX670LCH-3  ZX670LCR-3  ZX70  ZX70-3  ZX70-3-HCME  ZX70B  ZX75UR  ZX75UR-3  ZX75US  ZX75US-3  ZX75US-A  ZX75USK-3  ZX800  ZX80LCK  ZX80LCK-3  ZX80SB-HCME  ZX850-3  ZX850-3F  ZX850H  ZX85US-3  ZX85US-HCME  ZX85USB-3  ZX85USB-3-HCME  ZX85USBN-3-HCME  ZX870H-3  ZX870H-3-HCMC  ZX870H-3F  ZX870R-3  ZX870R-3F


110  120  120C  120D  130G  135C  135D  135G  160C  160DLC  160LC  180  190DW  200CLC  200DLC  210  220DW  225CLC  225DLC  230CLC  230LC  230LCR  270DLC  270LC  290GLC  300GLC  330LCR  350DLC  350GLC  370C  380GLC  450CLC  450DLC  450LC  490E  550LC  600C  650DLC  750  790ELC  800C  850DLC  892  992ELC  

2054  2154D  2454D  2554  2954D  3554  3754D  

200LC  330LC 

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